Orbit’s warehousing and distribution services provide comprehensive management supported by road, air, and ocean freight forwarding solutions, advanced technology, and strategically located facilities. Our facilities are strategically positioned for optimal accessibility and equipment availability, offering flexibility in selection or setup to enhance proximity and efficiency. This approach significantly reduces costs by consolidating small volumes of goods, combining shipments from different consignees into single lots, and preparing them for consolidated shipping.

Warehousing Includes:

Key Features of Our Warehousing Services:

Our warehousing services encompass storage, inventory management, and distribution solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

  • We offer bonded and refrigerated storage facilities, as well as distribution warehouses.
  • Efficiently manage offshore inventories in real-time.
  • Expertise in handling warehouses for consumer goods.
  • Ensure prompt delivery of critical spares to field engineers.
  • Provide comprehensive end-to-end supply chain management.


Orbit Shipping Services caters to all your cargo needs across industries, whether it's oversized, time-sensitive, or general. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific transport demands of each segment and customer, and we constantly evolve to adapt to the changing requirements of your industry.

Retail and Lifestyle: We prioritize swift delivery to meet the dynamic demands of the retail sector, offering reliable and cost-effective transport solutions for customs, packaging, special services, and storage.

Automotive: Count on us to keep automotive production lines running smoothly with our comprehensive services, including supply chain coordination from parts suppliers to OEM manufacturing sites globally. We also provide OEM-approved work processes, urgent order handling, and purchase order management.

FMCG: Leverage our extensive network for integrated supply chain solutions, offering cost-effective transport, storage, distribution, customs services, and quality assurance.

Chemicals: Our expert teams ensure safe and compliant transportation of chemicals, providing just-in-time delivery with swift response times to meet regulatory requirements.

Technology: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech industry with our agile end-to-end services, including global monitoring, innovative business model development, and streamlined customs handling.

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