Air freight Pallets

Type Code Base Dim Outside Height Outside Useable Volume Dimension Inside Acceptable for
LD3 Container AKE / AVE 1.5×1.5m 1.6m 3m3 1.4×1.4×1.5m A300,A310,A330,A340,B747-200F,B747-400,B767-400,B767(DE),MD11F
Standard Pallet PAG,PAJ 3.1×2.2m 3×2.1m A300,A31,A330,A340,B747-200F,B747-400,MD11F
10Ft Pallet PQP,PMC 3.1×2.4m 3×2.3m A300,A310,A330,A340,B747-200F,B747-400,MD11F
20Ft Pallet PGE 6×2.4m 5.9×2.3m B747-200F,MD11F
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